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And of course there wasn't any cover up in this crime. Please contact the OCSD with any info and they will shred it as soon as they get it.

Do you remember Tonya on TV saying she was getting death threats? Gary was in prison and he wouldn't do it any way, she was helping him.

Before contacting the OCSD you might want to wait until after the first of the year when the new sheriff takes over. This sheriff has yet to show any interest in getting to the truth.

The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention. John Burroughs Read more at: Bivens There has to be a reason he would go along with what Dodd and the police told him.

Though I hate to agree with Mike Bohrer as he is a piece of shit His testimony certainly wasn't truthful. Page of the trial transcript, Bivens first mentions that male 2 had a limp.

If that was correct, that would make Richard according to the 'theory' as the person holding Heidi.

How tall was Richard? Noticeably shorter than Heidi. Gary's verdict failed all the rules the judge gave to them.

Check the partial judges instructions posted here on September 27, Have ya'll carefully considered the leads that were posted in Lisa Peebles' filing?

From Gary "the Innocent" Thibodeau https: Stinson answers Stinson was driving a little grey car. Make and model not remembered.

I know it wasn't the first Ford escort , the wife totaled that while the kids were still young enough to hang upside down in car seats, I know it wasn't the third one Chevy Lumina , the youngest was old enough to total that one, Yup, had to be the second one.

Funny what we do remember. Swenkowski testified to seeing Richard there, even had to swerve around his van as they were both leaving the parking lot If it were Richard's van with Gary, then at the time Swenkowski was leaving, Swenkowski should have seen the crime Bivens should have seen a red sports car that Swenkowski was driving, but he didn't.

How can that be? Saw a van but not a red sports car next to it? And why didn't he say he saw a red car? He didn't because both Richard and Swenkowski both left and Bivens saw a van that came in after this and he watched a kidnapping.

My hunch has always been someone came after Richard left and grab Heidi. And I remember reading Steen said I think he told that to Tonya and after that I believe Tonya said Thumper there is an innocent man sitting in prison.

And Dodd if you go to trial for this cover up There is nothing is more musical than a sunset. Stinson Thank you for recalling specific details about April 3, Were you driving a red pickup truck that morning?

Thank you for your response. This is the typical hate campaign that is so standard of the truly uneducated people who subscribe to the Trump philosophy.

Scott will be an excellent Judge who will make fair judgments based on the facts instead of party politics, which is typical of the Republican Judicial System that now rules Oswego County.

Maybe if Scott was the judge for the Thibodeau trial, there may have been a different outcome. I will vote for Scott DelConte and if you want a judicial system that is fair, you should also.

Trump says that his daughter Ivanka, real name "Ivana," would be great as Kikki's replacement. Al she knows is how to buy shoes at Sack's Fifth Ave in Manhatton.

Where the hell is this country going????? Have to laugh I recently sat by one of the families involved in Heidi Allen, Hilton was brought up, wouldn't you know it they are spreading Hilton's corrupt.

I have to laugh must be fear is getting to them. An outsider coming in, so now they want to destroy his integrity as they did Gary Thibodeaus.

I then brought up the idea drug use in Oswego is higher than any area is New York LOL once again they claimed Hilton's dirty doesn't know what the hell he is talking about.

I hope one of the words they hear from Hilton is, you have the right to remain silent. Maybe then they'll learn to shut their traps. Hilton needs to brace for impact they are out to destroy who he is.

Timeline I can say I believe Stitson, I do think he arrived at the time he testified to, I don't think he saw a damn thing as he admitted.

The fact is the timeline is off, the cash register was broken, the wall clock was never changed and the only two who collaborated the times to be right on with Officer Curtis's watch time was himself and the store owner Kris Duell, the very person who hired Heidi, who found her CI card, and the one who's file was tampered with.

Which ones really the liars, Stitson or the two who lied about the time frame? My guess the 2 who lied, tampered with a hid information. Kris Duell needs to be re interrogated properly by FBI, along with her side kick Curtis who let her inside the store with a crime scene going on.

They made certain the scene was tampered with once Kris touched the cash register. Funny how that all worked. Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign Wouldn't it have been interesting if Gary..

As he should have been Then what would the OCSD do? We know that Jenn W. The taped interrogation by Pietroski let her give him a weak explanation that she was just telling Tonya to shut her up.

Ever think of hanging up. Then she fails a poly to this effect. Second interrogation with Oakes in the room and a lap top appears and papers in Oakes' hands as if the tape stopped and restarted.

Jenn was asked questions and admitted she was told by someone about Heidi The phone call, and the two interrogations were just a dog and pony show.

Jenn really didn't commit to anything but what more do you want as a cop trying to solve a case? She even told them that she didn't know Roger, but stayed at his house and went to Florida with him after the Heidi crime.

And this she admitted to. So you see Oakes why we think and know this is a cover up. She lied, told the truth, lied again, you offered her immunity and knew damn well she would not take it or got scared to take it It's pretty obvious who you are protecting because you should have pushed Jenn and then we would have the truth.

Did you and Dodd protect a mass of people that were in the coca cola business? How stupid do you have to be to drive a county issued vehicle into the airport at am?

Should have used your own cars with fake plates. I wonder what they were doing there? It couldn't be to buy Even the airport manager said he should have done more.

Hard to believe that he didn't know what was going on. Were there security cameras there? See Dodd, it's not what you did, it's what you didn't do.

Relax it may all be over soon and you can get one hour of exercise time per day. It is never too late to be what you might have been.

Can only warn for so long You can only warn for so long, they truly think they got away with it. It does not seem so to me, the people are furious over Gary Thibodeau and the drugs flowing through their county.

My bad to say it, but they should be and many are. Take need in the warnings I'm pretty sure in time someone with balls will take you all down.

Let's all agree on one thing it's a fake time line, with no witnesses to even collaborate their time line, no one saw a thing, the only one who said he did was on scene the same time Curtis arrived.

Bivens has serious explaining to do and it's disturbing to know a man was prosecuted and died in prison for a time line that's impossible and witnesses that have lied, switched their testimony or statements several times, simply to seal a prosecutors case.

Just sickening and completely immoral. Karma is a bitch when it comes back around I believe this next punch Wescott, Breckenridge is going to hurt.

Scotty Delconte A Judge? I suppose if you cant make it in private practice. I can see him judging a hot dog eating contest but thats about it.

Someone is putting a lot of money into those TV commercials. Heidi Allen and a clean get away The idea of a kidnapping in a store, with small space and very neat after the crime probably means one thing.

Heidi knew someone and trusted them enough to go outside and this is where she was probably grabbed. The Friday paper on the floor??

Why would a Friday paper be there on a Sunday and why was it the only one on the floor? Was it being used to hold in front of someone's face to hide?

Were there forensics done for prints etc? Oakes said it couldn't come from DA's office, 3 months too early Getting MB's fax number by mistake is a very long shot.

And very hard to believe. I looks like they wanted MB to know about Bivens. Heidi knew and trusted this one person imo.

Now who would she know enough that would be a kidnapper and possible murderer in this area? MB stated that she made him a sandwich almost everyday.

Meat was on the slicer and she was obviously interrupted before she could make a sandwich. Also MB owned a white van that Jenn alluded to in the taped call that Oakes and King both said was not credible.

Did they ask the inv. All because Jenn and Tonya talked the night before. Jenn said he kid pushed the wrong button I think it was all done to discredit Tonya and have anything said dismissed.

Another thing I find odd is Jenn told she knew and was told about Heidi in her second interrogation. But started crying and told the cop that she is really trying to remember and tell him what she knew.

Would anyone forget the facts in an event like this? She remembered there were 2 vans and even told the inv.

But even though it seemed like they were after info, I really doubt it. They got the info and did nothing with it Jenn you're not staying here was said by one inv.

And Jenn telling that " the DA is trying to save me but it's up to the judge. DA trying to save instead of investigate a person who knows something in an unsolved case?

How much massaging of witnesses statements did we read about? Certain situations and people not really being investigated. Instead of getting a physic which don't even exist why not get someone from the FBI that reads body language and facial expressions to catch liars?

After 5 years, I think anyone would have asked the FBI for help Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience,.

Congratulations To The Republican Party. They have successfully put a belligerent alcoholic on the Supreme Court. He should fit in nicely alongside Clarence Thomas.

His drinking will probably end his career sooner than you think. Please pa close attention to the last tweet! Jennifer Wescott said she lied to Tonya Priest because she just wanted to give Priest attention.

Richard murtaugh retweeted syracuse. Reuel Todd said in that HeidiAllen was not really an informant and there was no informant file for her. No intimidating the truth..

That's why I had a side bar with my lawyer.. This super bitch is is so far up Trumps ass she keeps kicking Katko in the head.

She likes to tell people about how she struggled as a single mother. Her family owned a multi million dollar business in Sherburne NY. The only thing she struggled with is counting her money.

She got elected two years ago by using false attack ads against her opponent just like Trump and she is doing the same thing again. Just like Trump you can't believe a word she says.

I feel convinced that any political picture can be changed to suit the needs of the powers that be. Stinson replies to common sense.

The remark "you'll have to be better with your time" was said to me by Investigator Hall. When Hall came to me and said, "be better with your time" I replied offhand "7: See my previous posts.

We've beaten these two minutes to death. I've stated my background, experience etc, in an attempt to reinforce my own accuracy or at least not my own idiocy.

I don't want to keep proselytizing me me me. Hell, I might be wrong. In the end, it's just: I didn't see anything anyway. There is nothing more to squeeze out here.

Clocks were close, that's all there is. Whether there was a fair trial, real evidence, reliable witnesses, recanting jurors, etc - you need to look there.

I wish you luck, it's just not my windmill to slay right now. For years people of majority party of which entails the republicans, have blindly supported any candidate that ran on the republican line along with their conservative and independence minions.

That may be seen as no great revelation, but there is a little twist to it. History has revealed that electorate in Oswego county will vote republican no matter what and no democrat really has a chance to win.

Now think, if you were a candidate that need to work to get out your supporters in a contested election i. Katko would you waste time and resources in Oswego county?

Of course not, the republican has the lock on it. If you were a democrat would waste resources in Oswego county? Again, why waste the money is the answer for both sides.

Oswego county is the lap dog of the republican party and the democrats have learned it not worth the effort. Either way whoever is in Albany, Oswego county is only taken for granted by one party and forsaken by the other.

Thereby the spoils will go to other counties where people may take a critical look at their candidate regardless of party affiliation.

Bush made calls reassuring Collins about Kavanaugh https: Oakes came out and said there wasn't a cover up How much facts have we uncovered since then.

Jenn was let go by the OCSD inv. I imo think the tapes of the interrogations have been audited. One that really jumped out at me was when Jenn was interrogated by Pietroski and he asked her when this happened.

She said " in August " and the tape looks as if it were stopped, jumped etc. I am not an expert and maybe this is normal video tape behavior.

How many have come forward to tell about Steen, Mike and Roger saying they did it? How many said this before or gave other info and were ignored by the OCSD?

Why has Tonya gotten death threats? Are we getting too close to something? Why wasn't MB's white van followed up on?

Did the OCSD ask neighbors if any of the 3 left early that morning? Oakes as a lawyer gave evidence late to Lisa.

Jenn practically wrote a short story about what happened and it was ignored too. She was ready to tell all and she did after she was caught lying about he taped phone call and still nothing was done with this info.

Really OCSD how much hint do you need to follow and investigate info such as this? Judge King, you were beautiful, John Gotti would have been proud of you.

As far a appeals go, Lisa is right, she should have won but appeals are hard to win. Katko I thought Katko was supposed to be a shoe in.

Then he started running the relentless attack adds which are the stock and trade of the party of hate. The latest is some phony old broad pretending to be some kind of medical professional.

She lies just like Trump. The ads keep stressing how Ms. Balter is a visiting professor from Connecticut and Katko is the hometown boy.

Visiting professor is just a title it does not mean she is going to pack her bags and leave in the middle of the night. Sure a few crumbs have come our way via Katko but it is not anything that would not have come whoever was in that office.

The hometown boy should be looking out for his hometown but he is not. He is too busy rubber stamping Trumps bullshit ideas while ignoring the fact that he is a bully a racist and the laughing stock of the whole world.

If Balter turns out to be a bleeding heart pissing away our taxes then we can vote her out too. I voted for Katko the first time but now I say Katko must go.

Let us never forget that baby formula is made from our lake water. That would explain a lot of the people in Ozwego County. We are in a period when old questions are settled and the new are not yet brought forward.

Extreme party action, if continued in such a time, would ruin the party. Moderation is its only chance. The party out of power gains by all partisan conduct of those in power.

Katko Just saw an ad from Mr. Katko about clean water. We here in Oswego County are only four from the bottom in wealth in NY state and none of our republican so called leaders have done anything for us.

Including that do for nothing Barkley. Been there too long. I just find it difficult to fathom that if the deputy who was taking the notes about specific information, like what Heidi was wearing, etc Duell as she was checking the register tape on April 3, Did judge King address the gallery about no interaction with the gallery and lawyers before or after the envelope was passed to the prosecution?

Did you report it? If not, why not? The Death Of Common Sense https: Went over this quickly. May be old news to a lot of you but it does have some interesting time problems.

And a quote by a deputy Richard watched John as he stood by his car. Richard was waiting for the man to move his vehicle, so he could leave.

He was carrying a newspaper. The man threw his newspaper on to the car seat. John then climbed in to his car, and to Richard's amazement, the man started to pack his smokes.

By patting the bottom of the pack in the palm of his hand. The man then opened them, pulling out one and lite a cigarette before he even thought of driving off.

Finally, he put his seat belt on and John, proceeded to leave. John said, "As I drove past the van began to move. According to this statement, Richard got into his van and waited for Swenkowski to move so he could leave.

Did the story get twisted again? Did the van move because Richard was in it and maybe put it in gear? This would be a more logical reason Swen. Again no one saw Gary there, or Heidi with them in the van.

Then someone pulled in, and they took Heidi. Was Steen's, Mike's and Roger's houses, clothes or cars searched for fabrics?

Of course not, that would have cracked the case, and some people would have gone down for this crime. Behavior is what a man does, not what he thinks, feels, or believes.

That's three months before the sheriff's Heidi Allen investigative file was moved into the DA's office, Oakes said. Please post the above after the link from syracuse.

The above quote is also from the same article. When I left the house, the wife was setting the clock and we were discussing Easter plans.

It probably seldom happens, just before a crime, that two people are talking about the time. Add about 3 minutes for the drive.

Hall ran that with me a few times. That put me at 7: I always believed that I missed Heidi by seconds. Her last transaction 7: I had a little experience in writing reports; If you notice in my original statement - I substantiate my statements.

I remember no one on the road at my house - because I was watching out for my pet geese. I remember there was no customers - because I zipped dangerously by the front steps.

Could it just be a scribbled mistake at a busy crime scene? And not a freudian slip. People would have remembered if they left home in the dark.

So I doubt if the time of last transaction can be backed up to 7: I was still there when it was opened. You may have this apology: People that know me will tell you: Both annoying I believe there will be further investigation.

So, all I can do is testify as a disinterested witness. But in the end, testimony is just testimony, not evidence.

I appreciate those that follow this case, to find Heidi or if there was an miscarriage of justice. The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd.

Addition to Was Roger Breckenridge involved https: Here is the new revelation about the witnesses. Thank you to ALL who have the courage and integrity to come forward in whichever manner you choose!!

Special Thank You to Mr. Stinson for reiterating that the register times could not have been correct. Half-way in the article is the testimony from Mr.

Whipple giving some details about the breach. Timed with a deputy days later? But my point was that the DA's witness Bivens, what time was he there?

He never said to the OCSD. Later he said " he didn't remember telling a cop that he was there between He didn't id the van the first two times until they showed him pictures and then changed his mind at trial.

I imo don't even think he was there at all. If he was, it had to be after 7: So Bivens is "confused: I used Swenkowski's time as another reference to 7: I am not accusing you, but the only Bivens who claims to have seen the crime and didn't call until days later strikes me as odd to say the least.

I remember someone saying.. Maybe that is why he never gave a time in his first statement to OCSD Bottom line I am using other people to figure out what time he was there.

And what cop wouldn't ask him for the time he was there. It isn't in Oakes' Statement of Facts Not pointing my finger at you and I will read again I can't believe anyone could read all of these statements and not see a coverup.

Fabin said the van swerving behind her was light blue, just like Bivens said twice to the OCSD then changed his mind. Reply to don't mean to confuse you more Don't mean to confuse you even more.

What do you think about the last transaction time being crossed off? If Swenkowski left house at 7: But how do you account for Swenkowski leaving a friend's house at 7: I am not using the cash register's time for what time people were there rather using the time they said the left a house, who they saw and at what time?

Remember there were transactions at or before 7: It's possible that the wrong time was written down and then changed. Maybe I am confused about the time, maybe I am looking at it in a different way.

From the customers arrivals not the cash register. Pretty sure they had some idea of what time they were there. My take on this: Richard left and Heidi was still there.

Someone came right after that and took her. Bivens says he saw it all but never gives the OCSD a time he was there. This, I believe was done intentionally.

Every cop gets the time a witness was there. Stinson just a question for my curiosity if you never got a transaction as Heidi was gone, how are you so sure you were there at 7: The register wouldn't have anything to do with your time, you must have looked at your watch.

Your watch was off if you believe Biven's account of the crime. And if you go back you will read where a deputy erinterviews a witness and tells them "they have to do better with their time.

Stinson just trying to put a time line in place that a star witness didn't know or tell the cops what time he saw a crime.

If anyone can prove me wrong with facts please respond. I am on your side with all of this but we all look at things a little differently.

I believe cover up. Sorry if I offended anyone and in no way am I pointing a finger at anyone mentioned to being involved. Hopefully Lisa wins and the FBI takes over.

Not too many of them that look similar to RT's around, especially in Oswego County. You can easily see it from the road. It's on the left-hand side if you're heading west toward Mexico.

It looks to be around the same year as RT's, but more closely matches the description of some witnesses.

It would be interesting to see who the property owner is or who owned the before them. I didn't get a picture driving by, but it is on Google Maps - taken Oct.

Again, My House Time. There was a red station wagon where an employee would park and a white car out by the corner for sale. But there were no customer cars, So I zipped by the front steps and parked close.

So you can see why I am so curious about the time Bivens was there because he didn't give a time nor did the OCSD ask him for one Please do not conclude that I am accusing Stinson of involvement in the Heidi Allen crime This in not about Mr.

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Purchasing tickets and drinking is restricted to those 21 and older, but kids are allowed to attend.

There are usually around 7 of these in the cooler months before and after summer. Stop by over 20 tasting stations that will feature an eclectic mix of wine varietals and even some specialty cocktails, sake, or craft beer.

Enjoy live music, entertainment, great food, and shopping options at this beautiful location. There will be dancers from around the globe and every continent to learn from the most iconic dance instructors in a safe, fun, interesting environment.

This event is suited towards Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional dancers and teachers. Events and classes are held at various locations around the city, so check their site to find where yours will be located.

This is the oldest, roughest, most spectacular and prestigious off-road race in America, and is now part of the Red Bull Signature Series.

Racers compete in 21 different classes of race vehicles across miles of Nevada desert for a chance to win the Mint Class Championship.

Be sure to attend some of the four days of festivities surrounding the Mint This event will be taped and aired on NBC in July.

The Golden Nugget and Plaza are Host hotels, so check their sites as you will probably find a special deal for attendees.

More than 30, spectators were attracted to the race. Races are held at 7: For all the ticket details, go HERE.

March 8 - One Night for One Drop returns, but this time to Bellagio Times and Theater TBA The show, imagined by Cirque Du Soleil, supports the One Drop Foundation which benefits those without access to safe water around the world as well as local projects in Southern Nevada focusing on youth education, water conservation and sustainable living programs.

This Hour event challenges you to Assemble a team of people, download the app, the challenge list will be emailed to you.

Then travel, serve, camp, discover, survive, and WIN. The event will be held at the Downtown Container Park with check-in beginning at 5: We are intrigued by this event.

Not just a race, not just a challenge, this looks like the mother of all competitions to see just how tough you are.

These competitions were designed by seven ultra athletes and a Royal Marine. Registration fees, location information, PDF's you'll need to fill out and other information you will need can be found on the landing page.

You can even enter your kids in a Jr. Information is toward the bottom of the registration page. This race sold out again in ! Sunset Rd from The four blocks underneath the Viva Vision canopy will be lined with college banners and will feature acts as the stage production show Hardwood Hotties , an interactive High Hoops Zone , the world's largest NCAA bracket and a special basketball-themed show on the Viva Vision canopy.

The Cubs have sold out 17 games of their last 12 BLW seasons, so be sure and get your tickets as soon as your trip is planned.

Game times are 4: Ticket prices are not on the website yet, but you can order them now by calling the 51's box office at 9: The Hoover Dam Lodge is giving a special rate for runners.

Call and mention Six Tunnels Half Marathon to get the good rate. March 17 - St. Patrick's Day in Las Vegas, what a way to do it right. Select from your favorite Irish Bar for food, fun, and celebration: Look for the Final Four to be played in U.

Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. So, find your favorite Sports Book, place your bets and settle in for a great playoff series. March 19 - 24 - Hello Dolly!

Not all films are from Nevada, you can expect a bit of an international look to the films. You'll find discussions on many topics during the festival, also.

The Springs Preserve theater seats , so let's fill it up and give these filmmakers some of the exposure they deserve. Tickets are currently Subscription Only, but will become available to the general public closer to the event.

If you feel the need for monster trucks, speed and hair-raising stunts, then get your tickets now. This is a fun event for the whole family.

The gates open at 4: If you purchase the tickets, the Pit Party begins at 2: Opening Ceremonies are at 8: PurpleStride walks are among the largest sources of funding for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Native and desert-adapted plant varieties will be available for purchase with helpful staff to answer your questions about how to care for your new plants.

Take a look from 8: Squeeze into your favorite sports book between all the March Madness fans and enjoy the boys of summer. You'll find a house Band "Louden Swain", Karaoke, and they're planning on a concert and a "board game night".

So if you're a fan, you'll want to be here. You'll find all aspects of the emerging arts, culinary and performing arts, vendors, foodie pop ups and musicians.

Many will benefit local charities. Find it at S. Spend an evening with a World Famous American Photographer. Ticket prices are not announced yet, but in there were three levels of Experiences: This event will feature like-minded whiskey lovers, whiskey masters and a line up of great tastings.

Keep checking their site for updates. There will be talks, demos and guided tastings along with a Gastropub specialty menu to go along with the event.

Be sure and attend the educational Brewlogic sessions to learn more about the ins and outs of brewing beer. The Mad Craft Experience returns on Friday 7: In , the event took place from 3: So make your plan and save yourself some money!

Not planning on drinking, or are you the designated driver? Get your tickets early, this will sell out!!

The great thing about this race: Every Ticket's a Pit Pass! Come enjoy the most powerful and sensory-filled motorsports attraction on the planet.

Watch as highly-skilled mechanics service their machines between rounds and get autographs from your favorite NHRA drivers.

This event runs 7: Tickets in were: This year is the addition of a Mini Fondo for 44 miles available.

This is not for an amateur, but you can come out and support the cyclists. Limited to cyclists. Registration begins in October, - registration dates and amounts along with their host hotel info is on the linked page.

This family-friendly festival features a variety of fun and educational, hands-on activities as well as hula and ukulele performances, lei making, storytelling, games and fun.

Tickets will be pricey and hard to find, but if you're there, you'll have a chance to see your favorite artists on the red carpet.

Children under 12 are free. Join dozens of artists from Cirque du Soleil's Las Vegas shows and more than 1, community members for a 5K run or a 1-mile fun walk.

There will be music from cast and crew, photo opportunities with performers and a circus play area for children.

The event is from 7: You're invited to "Take a Sip for Scholarship" with 50 unique pairing experiences prepared by 50 internationally acclaimed chefs and restaurants, as well as the Grand Tasting, world-class champagne, craft beers and sake pours, and a silent auction.

Everything you look for in a great event. Check the website for ticket prices. A great weekend of rockabilly music, cars, exhibits, vendors, bands, events, pool parties, and burlesque shows.

There are going to be a lot of bands at this event, so click HERE to see the list. Tickets sell out to this popular event, so get yours early!

This will be the events 34th annual tournament. In , there were nearly 3, players from the U. This unique tournament encompasses skill levels from beginners to masters.

Participants are classified into levels according to their team's or their individual skill rating. Team Dart has a unique spin on prize money: If you are an NDA-sanctioned player and playing at least 96 league games in a specified period for the NDA company who enters the player in the tournament.

We'll update as we find more information, but check the landing page for the most up-to-date. Currently listed acts always subject to changes include aperfectcircle, Clutch, UnderOath, Beartooth, PopEvil, and more.

Celebrating Latin, Caribbean, West Indian and Diaspora cuisines with delicious traditional, modern and contemporary cultural dishes.

Click on the link for more information and ticket prices. More information will be available in the upcoming months and we'll post it as we find it.

Billed as the largest motorcycle event on the west coast, you'll see historic US Route 66 the way it was meant to be seen. You'll ride the hills from Kingman to Oatman, AZ, cool off in Colorado, and end up testing your luck at any one of the Laughlin strip casinos.

Concerts, vendors, manufacturers and special events will keep you busy every day. In , look for a poker run, custom bike show and a Ms.

Laughlin River Run contest. This event has two individual National Singles Championships in its makeup. Final purse amounts subject to change closer to the tournament.

April 24 - 29 PD - Outlaw Bicycle Club should have its 7th gathering of custom bicycle enthusiasts, builders and bike clubs in North America at a new venue: You can also tour the art show and vendors.

Tickets are available as a three-day pass, and the earlier you buy, the less expensive they are. This will be a cool event to attend.

Great films, special guests, awards, this event has it all. Plan to attend and get a chance to see the next generation of movers and shakers before the rest of the world.

This event will feature some of the best gourmet food trucks from all over the country. There will also be Carnival Rides, a beer garden, eating contests and more.

Ticket prices in the past were: Kids under 54" are FREE! If you have any features you would like to see, or any stories, photographs, announcements or other famous Arbroath exploits please contact Programme Editor Andrew at — andyppoole aol.

A large crowd is expected with the Lichties looking to continue to their excellent start to the season with Montrose traveling to Gayfield buoyant, after successive victories over Dumbarton and Brechin City.

It is acknowledged that this decision does restrict the normal movement of supporters inside Gayfield however it is an absolute club priority to ensure that all Supporters can attend the match in a safe and friendly environment and enjoy the football on show.

Your co-operation of the segregation arrangements is greatly appreciated by both clubs. Gavin has had a sensational start to the season and has been covering every inch of the pitch as he battles back to defend before orchestrating an attack.

MC — Gavin Swankie Arbroath The experienced midfielder has been in terrific form this season and that continued on Saturday with the undefeated leaders managing to secure a narrow, but deserved, win over East Fife at Gayfield.

On the left of George is Neil Cargill who was celebrating his 49th birthday with family and friends and also got an Arbroath FC birthday pie! Graham has been coming to Gayfield since he was a wee boy and is a season ticket holder.

Congratulations to the team from AGR Automations whose table correctly predicted the scoreline on Saturday in Hospitality and won a certificate for the bar and it was picked up by Kevin Bremner.

He also received a bar voucher for his win! If there is an Arbroath or East Fife fan who lost a key please get in touch via arbroathfc outlook.

At Arbroath FC we are committed to supporting our wider community far beyond the 90 minutes on match day. We believe football can be used as a force for good that has numerous social benefits — including reinforcing collective identities, improving self-esteem, inspiring young and old, promoting wellbeing and healthy living band contributing to social inclusion.

Football is a powerful tool for engagement and we at Arbroath FC believe we have a duty to give something back to our community and deliver real social change.

The Football Fans in Training programme is one such project and our latest participants were awarded with their certificates yesterday at Gayfield by Arbroath Chairman Mike Caird in the Lounge.

The men and women have all graduated from this brilliant scheme which helps you get fit and lose weight but also learning how to make positive changes to your lifestyle.

Many have seen significant health improvements and everyone who has been on the course now has the tools to have a healthier lifestyle.

The latest FFIT graduates lost a combined total of They also reduced their waist size by 5. We are now looking for 20 men and 20 women to start in our next FFIT course which will start in January

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